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Welcome to Making Money Affilate Marketing. I would have to say I thought I would be the last person to create this kind of website so if you stumbled across this site don’t expect me to start waxing poetic about affiliate marketing because that is not going to happen.

And anyway, that kind of enticement when I was barely open to looking at it as something I would ever want to do would have made me make all kinds of sarcastic faces and comments. That has changed but truth be told, I thought of affiliate marketers as little leeches.

So again, welcome, especially if you are already in business or have an entrepreneurial spirit because you will probably be able to relate to some or a lot of what I am going to share with you about making money affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing – seriously? I Already Have A Business

I started my company in 2006 and launched our first online e commerce website in 2008. It stared out with high hopes and even some fanfare but ultimately my business is a study in low-grade failure.

A kind of limping along failure that is in turn frustrating and weirdly hopeful and positive because sometimes good things happen. And those moments of workingness (not a word, I know) make it look like the business is on tract.

It is kind of like glimpsing for a moment an oasis in the middle of the desert. A few good sales in a relatively short period can fool business owners who are passionate about what they are doing. Even more so when they feel their work is important and pride themselves on not being a “throw in the towel” kind of person.

Success could be around the corner. A few great sales in a short period. Certainly that must mean something.

Of course, in reality it doesn’t mean a thing. Because those great sales can’t be counted on to keep coming in on any kind of regular basis. And that is what any business needs if they are to gain the coveted adjective “successful”.

So, I was not about to give up my sustainable home and lifestyle products company, WorkingWonders. We still have a mission to fulfill of building the ultimate store of our time.

Greeningdales instead of Bloomingdales, a Whole Homes counterpart to Whole Foods (at least what it was when it started), a place where people could find everything needed to create sustainable, healthy, comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing living and working spaces.

But, though I’d gotten one away from Richard Branson one of the times when I pitched the concept, it wasn’t happening. It doesn’t matter how much I want to build Greeningdales as the iconic store of our time making available better made products for sustainable, healthy and happy lives.

Because, WorkingWonders was chronically ill and I had reached the point where I needed to put my oxygen mask first.

So Why Do I Want to Help You – I am Just that Sort of Person

On a mundane level I am the sort of person who tells everyone I run into about the great movie I saw last weekend. And says, you’ve got to go see it.

I will also admit to this. My offer to help you is also rooted in selfishness. I think we witness each other as human beings in the world. And that, in part, is how we validate our worthiness.

Finally, at the deepest level, I think a lot about fellow entrepreneurs who set out to do great things and it can be a little shocking and a lot demoralizing to start racking up weeks, months, and years of failure instead of the success we envisioned.

I want to help people like me, people who see something in the world that needs to be done but isn’t being done or isn’t being done well and they want to do it. That kind of go for it business spirit is so precious. It is also, and thank goodness most of us don’t see this at the beginning, crazy out there vulnerable.

It takes some courage to start something. But, for me, it has taken a lot more courage to continue and then continue some more (rinse, repeat) when it is not going well. This website is hereby dedicated to everyone who starts something and then has the guts to keep on going when the going gets beyond tough.

Other people are ultimately the yardstick that measures whether we do or don’t meet our goals. And making money affiliate marketing is the ultimate training I have needed to turn my luck around and if you learn its lessons, it may do the same for you.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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